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The amazing capital of Rafting

The wild and icy waters of Futaleufú have made this mountain city famous. Not only is it a mecca for kayaking and rafting, but it also has fly fishing, hiking and horse riding.

On the improved roads and the increasing number of visitors of combined trips lies its growing importance.

December and March, at any time during the summer, are the best months to visit this beautiful Chilean city.

The city of Futaleufú, has picturesque houses painted pastel color and is located 155 km southeast of Chaitén.
The border with Argentina is only 8 km away so many visitors jump the border to the nearby Argentine cities of Trevelín and Esquel, and the Los Alerces National Park of Argentina.

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Hotel Raudal
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Hotel Raudal

Hotel Raudal is located at the banks of the Futaleufú River at an ideal site for resting and outdoors activities. The natural landscapes of the Chilean Northern Patagonia fit its rooms. The location of the hotel sets the stage for the great activities you can engage in throughout your stay. Just 40 km away from the town of Futaleufú, ...

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