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Entrance of The Cordillera

Pucón, also called the “Entrance of the Cordillera” by local Mapuche, is the ideal starting point for your adventures. This picturesque city turns in a melting point for numerous tourists and offers an unrivaled number of excursions and activities surrounded by breathless views and landscapes.

The village is situated along the shores of the Villarrica Lake at the foot of the active Volcano Villarrica and its quite stable weather (especially in the summer) make it the secret destination of the Chilean experienced traveler. Several hardly touched natural preserves such as Huerquehue National Park can easily be reached from our Hotel where you can explore untouched fauna and flora.

Pucón also offers a variety of other activities and adventures such as horseback riding, river rafting, kayaking, great hiking tours, ascents to the active volcano, skiing on the volcano with breathtaking views or simply relax in a natural hot spring…

Pucón, situated roughly 780 Km south of Santiago or 100 Km southeast of Temuco, can easily be reached by plane (either to Temuco or during the summer months directly to Pucón) or by bus or car.

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