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How to get there?

Hotel Raudal

In Argentina:
The best way would be to fly to Esquel and then a 3-hour land transfer across the border to Futaleufú.

In Chile:
Futaleufú is accessed from Puerto Montt, by the following main roads:

Land Route: From Puerto Montt to Osorno and Cardenal Samoré crossing to Villa Angostura, Bariloche, El Bolsón, Esquel, Trevelín and Futaleufú, traveling by private vehicle.
From the Balmaceda airport to Hotel Raudal on Carretera Austral, approximately 7 hours.
From Puyuhuapi Lodge to Hotel Raudal, 3 hours by land, crossing the incredible Carretera Austral.

Via Aérea: From Puerto Montt to Chaitén from La Paloma airport (45 min) or the Tepual in local air services and then from Chaitén by land in to Hotel Raudal in our vans (3 hours). It is also possible to hire a private charter from Puerto Montt directly to the Futaleufú airfield (2 hours). The company that operates this service is called Aerocord.

Via Marítima: From Puerto Montt to Chaitén in Barcaza (10 hours) and from Chaitén by land to Futaleufú (3 hours).


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