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Vira Vira Hacienda Hotel

The Hotel is embedded in a beautiful native park along the Liucura River and offers some breathtaking views to two different Volcano’s.
You are invited to stroll around the entire park, cross the different wooden bridges over the natural rivers and lagoons, get a glimpse at some of the rare species such as “Coipos” (Chilean Beaver), Garcillas (herons), Chilean foxes or simply exchange a friendly pad with our ponies, watch the cute behavior of our dwarf goats, experience the impressive sights of the huge angus beef or just visit our many different breeds of turkeys, hens, goose or ducks.

The farm produces roughly 25’000kg of grains, 15’000kg of potatoes, all different kind of meats and poultry and a large choice of locally grown fruit and vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, salads and much more.
They are exclusively reserved for the hotel guests and are not sold anywhere else. This guarantees that guests can benefit from the best quality food grown and processed in a traditional and healthy way.

In our modern milk and cheese dairy we produce all kind of products such as yoghurt, cream, butter, quark and a large selection of carefully prepared cheese.

Ask the staff at any time to show you your favorite animal or any other facets of our farm. If you are interested to join us for a day on the farm, we will gladly introduce you to the different machines and processes


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