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BOP, Best of South América

What is BOP?

BOP is the collection of some of the most exclusive hotels and cruises of South America.

When was BOP created, what was its purpose and what has been its evolution?

BOP was born in 2001 after an initiative of the Alvear Palace Hotel. The Alvear proposed other leading hotels of the region to join forces to jointly develop the international market’s luxury segment.

Through BOP, its members promote the Southern Cone at its highest level together with common efforts. An incomparable travel experience, which combines remote and astonishing regions full of mystery, catered to the luxury discerning traveler.

At the very beginning, this group of leading companies featured exclusively properties located in Buenos Aires and the Argentine Patagonia.

However, as time went by, BOP was gaining more respect and prestige, incorporating more members and widening its borders, and thus turning into a more integrated alliance of the most representative areas of South America.

What characteristics should a BOP member have?

Each member has distinguished qualities and outstanding features that make them unique and unrepeatable. They are leaders in the industry and icons of the region where they are located.

What are the marketing activities performed by BOP?

Since its creation, BOP has organized and led over a hundred sales missions and a wide variety of marketing activities in diverse markets such us USA, México, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia and UK among others.

Cocktails, lunch presentations, breakfast presentations, training sessions, fam trips, gastronomic events, charitable events, trade catalogues presence, publicity and PPRR are among many of a whole array of activities that BOP performs every year to promote our region at the highest level.

Juan Pedriel

Mariana Bruggia
Marketing Manager

BOP Members.
Leading companies:

Huemules - Reserva de Montaña
Eolo - Patagonia's Spirit
Arakur Ushuaia Resort & Spa
The Singular Patagonia
Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa
The Singular Santiago
Casa de Uco
Puerto Valle

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