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Puerto Valle

Restaurante: Regional Flavors, Unforgettable pleasures
The proposal from the Chef and his staff goes back to the simplicity and character of the place, highlighting typical local ingredients such as river fish and tropical and citrus fruits, which have been part of local recipes since time immemorial. Using contemporary techniques, the menu offers a choice of aromas and flavors perfectly matched with a select wine menu, on which diners will find some of the best labels from Argentina.
To crown the experience, guests can indulge in unforgettable breakfasts and teas: at breakfast and tea time, homemade pastries take the leading role on the table, jointly with other delicatessen from the region, including the local classic– chipá (cheese bun).

Infused with the true character of the old Estancia, common spaces give the hotel its identity and uniqueness. 

The park surrounding the manor house has an area of more than 14 hectares. In it, a large number of native and exotic species live in harmony. With its woven cane veranda and old trees, the park enhances the natural beauty of the river. 

In full complicity, an Organic Garden plays a leading role next to the historical manor house. In the garden, herbs and vegetables are grown, which are then used as ingredients for the restaurant’s gourmet dishes.

Leaving the garden, on the other side of the park there is a pool, a Palapa and a Quincho —a place for peaceful retreat on warm summer days. The deck chairs tempt guests to bask in the sun, while the shade and a soft breeze enfold the armchairs under the straw roof of the palapa.

Inside the hotel, other areas invite guests to relax and enjoy: the old manor kitchen was fully recycled into a Library —a meeting point with a fireplace and a bookcase: the ideal setting to spend the winter afternoons.

The Drawing-Room has the right ambiance to round up the Puerto Valle experience: the refined gastronomic experience and the unspoiled views afforded by its large windows and balconies are the perfect combination to fill our memories with unique moments and flavors.

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