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The Singular Patagonia

Expeditions, Tours & Activities
During your visit, you can select among a broad menu of expeditions, tours and activities, ranging from visits to Torres del Paine National Park to exclusive trips to our private reserves.

As everybody that belongs to The Singular Patagonia has a broad knowledge of the area and of each of its corners, we can offer an exclusive menu of expeditions, tours and activities for all preferences.
Experience of Authentic Patagonia

Through our menu of expeditions we would like you to feel from “inside” the experience of Authentic Patagonia, mingling with the people and its customs, visiting ranches and industrial premises where the pioneers worked, sailing the fjords along which the canoeists travelled and admiring the impressive landscapes that generations and generations enjoyed

Exclusive trips
Among the options that you can enjoy, there are also exclusive trips to our private reserves: Punta Jamón and Estancia la Cumbre at Sierra Baguales Ranch. These two nice places are available only for our guests; you can visit and admire them whenever you wish.

Easy level

> Trekking the Sierra Baguales – Private Reserve
> Trekking and boating – Focus Island
> Boat to Punta Jamón – Private Reserve
> Bird watching – Cerro Castillo
> Puerto Bories Private Collection
> Puerto Natales – Land of Pioneers
> Exploring Puerto Natales by Bicycle
> Discovering Torres del Paine National Park

Medium level
> Bike in Lake Sofia
> Trekking Mirador de Ultima Esperanza
> Trekking to the Mylodon Caves
> Condor-watching & Trekking at Cerro Benitez
> Lake Sofia & The Caves on Horseback
> The Mylodon Cave on Horseback
> Puerto Bories on Horseback

Strong level
> Kayak – Obstruccion Sound
> Valle Pingo Trekking – Torres del Paine National Park
> Trekking to the base of Paine Towers
> The Astonishing Torres del Paine National Park

Download below the expeditions manual. 


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