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Wellness Spa

The Singular Patagonia

The Singular Wellness Spa offers a complete dedication to therapeutic wellbeing inspired by the very origin of the word S.PA. (salud por aqum) meaning ‘health through water’.

The purity and pristine beauty of the surrounding Chilean Patagonia is reflected throughout the entire 3,000 square feet eco-conscious facility lining the Fjord of Last Hope overlooking the snow capped mountains in the distance.

Capitalizing on the hotel’s rich location, a menu of more than 20 treatments, intended to heal both mind and body, incorporates indigenous ingredients, such as pure, mineral-rich glacial water, locally grown fruit extracts and herbs – all creating a truly Singular experience.

> Indoor/Outdoor heated pool
> Dry Sauna
> Aromatic Steam
> 5 Body Massage Treatment Rooms
> Facial Treatment Room
> Private Suite & Spa
> Pool Hours 10.00 am – 10.00 pm
> Treatment Hours 10.00 am – 9.00 pm

The Singular Wellness SPA


> Marine moisturizing: Cleansing and deep moisturizing seaweed base, designed for skin which h> as undergone the aggressiveness of the climate or has signs of dehydration or sensitivity.

> Balancing: A facial cleansing using marine extracts specially designed for oily skin to regulate the sebaceous secretion leaving a smooth matte finish.

> Facial firming: Facial cleansing based on cytokines for mature skin seeking to nurture and reaffirm deeper layers of skin.

> Facial massage: Deep massage for relaxing the face, draining retained fluids and achieving relaxation and revitalisation of the skin´s connective tissues.

> Reborn: The facial uses Vitamin C which greatly revitalizes your face by moisturizing skin and counteracting the oxidizing action of the sun´s rays. Ideal for skin subjected to the sun, wind or other external factors.

> Facial The Singular Ladies: Facial cleansing and moisturizing treatment, rich in collagen and marine serum, which strengthens skin fibers and provides nutrition, hydration and prevents aging.

> Facial for men: Cleansing and moisturizing treatment specifically designed for men´s skin including deep cleansing and moisturizing. Provides the skin softness and immediate radiance.

> Relaxing: Relaxing, soft and stress relieving massage. Ideal to reconnect and find the rest your body needs. Provides a balance and serenity state.

> Anti-stress: Subtle massage which will submerge you in a pleasurable sensation and peace bringing your body to harmony and balance.

> Oxygenating: Masage that prepares the body for physical activity, avoiding injuries and muscular fatigue. 

> Leg decongestant: Massage that revitalizes and soothes your legs after physical activity or muscular fatigue. Decongest, calms and oxigenates.

> Body de-contracting: A deep massage that centers on the recovery and restoration of the body´s muscles, soothing tensed areas after physical activity, improving the overall body condition. Duration: 50 minutes

> Feet Pamper: Exfoliation and massage focused on recovering the freshness and wellbeing of the feet, resulting in a deep feeling of vitality for the rest of the body.

> Paravertebral (full back): Massage to relieve recurrent back pain by tiredness or stress. Exfoliation with sea salts and massage of technical descontracturant of back and spine that works from the cervical lumbar area.

> Hot Stones: Highly sedative massage which combines the warmth of the stones, floral essences and manual techniques that help relaxation and decreases muscle and joint pain. 

> Holistic: Naturally harmonizes the general state of the body, the massage focuses on the head, neck and feet using extracts from pure essences. 

> Complete body cleansing: Exfoliation and full body moisturizing with mineral salts which extracts impurities from the skin by removing dead cells, leaving soft, smooth and moisturised. 

Singular Experiences

> The Singular Experience: This session starts with a water circuit and a brief moment in the dry sauna with Patagonian aromas. A short interlude is followed by immersion in the Jacuzzi. The experience continues with a face, back and feet exfoliation with mineral salts to be followed by the pleasure of a full body massage from head to toes completing this whole experience by enjoying a rest in our relaxation room. 

> Mineral Therapy: The experience commences with a stop at the steam-aroma room to start replenishment of the body´s minerals and skin breathing. This is followed by a hydrotherapy session involving resting in water with marine extracts. The process continues with a ritual of back and feet exfoliation with mineral salts to finish off with a full body hydration based on Patagonian herbs. 

> Idílico (for couples): The session starts enjoying a bubble bath with your partner (oil essence to choose), to be followed by a full body massage with aromatherapy.

Lather Immersion Bath

> Marine Breeze: Refreshing and activating, this foam bath with seaweed extracts will purify and tone the skin.

> Patagonian Aroma: Will bring the memories of the Patagonia fragance when enjoying this lathering hydrotherapy with herbs and floral extracts. Refreshing.

> Sweet Patagonia: Relaxing bath with melissa extracts and milk, honey and rice essences. Ideal for unwinding after an intense day.


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