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Our Environmental Policy and Management

Huemules - Reserva de Montaña

Our project involves the following actions:

> Reserve: We converted the six thousand hectares into a Mountain Reserve just for small groups of visitors to contemplate and admire Nature.

> Native Forest: We designed the lodging and restaurant spaces in specific areas where there is no forest and close to existing trails.

> Domes: We chose the strongest structure to resist the harsh Patagonian climate, but at the same time, we did it because it is more gracious and has lower impact on the natural environment: geodesic domes to lodge our privileged visitors.

> Wood: We have used 100% recycled wood to build our structure of decks, kitchen and furniture.

> Energy: We have designed an energy system based on the eternal hydrological cycle, complemented by the use of dead wood in energy efficient low consumption stoves.

> Waste: We have built an advanced sewage treatment system that sterilizes waste in a clean and odorless way.

> Zero Garbage: We have implemented the “Zero garbage” concept: organic waste is used to make compost that is then used as fertilizer in our vegetable garden; recyclable products are shipped to the municipal solid waste treatment plants.

> Plastics: We try to use plastics as little as we can in our amenities and consumables: we use glass or recyclable containers; biodegradable detergents, soap and shampoo; dispensers; glass cups and containers and cloth napkins, among others.

> Trainning: We train our personnel as key players in our environmental management plan.


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