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Huemules - Reserva de Montaña

Historically, the vast amount of canyons, valleys and prairies of Estancia Huemules have been “summer places for stock”, that is, high areas with lots of grass and water for cattle. The cattle used to be herded during the summer months, first by the aborigines over 150 years ago, before the Welsh immigrants arrived in the area circa 1886. Later on, these settlers followed this practice for their cattle production and still continues until today. Estancia Huemules used this area for pasture until two years ago.

It was precisely at that time when the current owners began pondering the idea they had when they first saw this land: preserving the territory’s Nature to show it to XXI century world travelers.

Some decades ago, in one of the numerous existing hillsides, mining activities boomed and many of the forest trees were actually used for wood. Nowadays, the area’s magnificent natural resources are preserved solely for contemplation and enjoyment of our guests.


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